Burnout Crash Debacle - Paradise Lost

Criterion always meant to use Crash mode for separate game

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Burnout Crash Debacle - Paradise Lost
Last week we asked: "What in the living hell is this nonsense EA and Criterion have served up in the form of Burnout: Crash for XBLA and PSN?" Well, it appears that is such nonsense that it meant the loss of Crash mode in the otherwise great Burnout Paradise.

Speaking in a behind-closed-doors meeting last week, Alex Ward, creative director of Criterion admitted:

"If you played Burnout Paradise, everybody asked me at the time why we didn't put Crash mode in. This was why.

"It was always our intention."

He also told the audience, "(Burnout Crash) is a small project led by Richard Franke, who is the game director, and James Warren, who is our Kinect programmer. "This has been a small team of guys working for about a year at Criterion on a small downloadable game."

Source: Eurogamer


Cfan 11 Jul 2011 11:10
Calling BS on this one. same intention to put DLC on the disc (Big Surf Island) and charge people for a unlock code? What was Showtime mode then? a watered down Crash mode? :S
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