Sega Slips: Wii U Due Spring 2012

Sega's executive vice president of marketing Alan Pritchard forgets the NDA

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Sega Slips: Wii U Due Spring 2012
Guess what would happen to a games news website if it blew a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by telling its readers all about an unannounced release date? We'd be taken off the release lists and invite lists and we'd generally be yelled at. Bet this won't happen to Sega's executive vice president of marketing Alan Pritchard though.

He's let slip the release date for the Nintendo Wii U, which won't do much for Nintendo's relationships with its retailers or for people thinking of buying a plain old Wii.

Mr P' told GameSpot, "(Sonic) Generations releases this November, and the Wii U is coming out next spring/summer"


The quote also contains some information regarding the game, " I think one of the things we don't have to do, or reduce where possible, is we don't want to port games. I think if there's going to be a Sonic game for the Wii U, it needs to be built from the ground up. It's more likely that it would be a separate stand-alone installment or in conjunction with a multiplatform release in the future."

"But to bring out Generations on a platform six or eight months after we release PS3, 360, and 3DS probably won't be the best strategy."

Source: GameSpot

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dman 14 Jun 2011 20:06
bet it launches this christmas
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