Sony Finally to Testify Before Congress on PlayStation Network Hack

June 2nd appearance

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Tim Schaff
Tim Schaff
Sony is finally going to appear in front of US legislators to answer questions about the security of client data following - or rather as it stands 'during' - the PlayStation Network hack and consequent outage.

Former Apple exec and current president of Sony Network Entertainment International, Tim Schaaff, is the man tasked with answering questions put by Representative Mary Bono Mack who leads the June 2 subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade in Washington DC.

The company had previously opted not to appear before the committee, citing the fact that it was still dealing with the 'external intrusion'.

Ken Johnson, spokesman for Bono Mack stated, "While Chairman Bono Mack remains critical of Sony's initial handling of the data breaches, she also is appreciative that the company has now agreed to testify.

"We expect to introduce that legislation, which will provide new safeguards for American consumers, in the next few weeks."

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