SEGA Kills Streets of Rage Remake

PC trilogy remake given away for free, SEGA made aware years ago.

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SEGA Kills Streets of Rage Remake
SEGA has put the kibosh on a completed Streets of Rage fan project, despite already being notified of its existence several years ago.

Mod group Bomber Games had spent eight years building Streets of Rage Remake using 80,000 lines of original code. The aim was to emulate the classic 2D side-scrolling brawler, while stringing together all of the plotlines that took place during the three Sega Mega Drive games.

The game was finally finished and released last week for free - but SEGA didn't like the sound of that much, and sent a request for the coder to take the project offline just days later. "Sega has contacted us regarding the download hosted on this site," the Bomber Games founder confirmed.

"It does not use reverse engineering. There is not a single line of code from the original games, as it is all based on visual interpretation techniques, by logic, and by comparison of states," the founder explains on the game's forum, adding that contact was established with SEGA to okay the project. Seems the publisher was happy for the Remake to go ahead, as long as it didn't actually get completed.

SEGA has yet to comment on the matter.


Manek Iridius 11 Apr 2012 21:58
Ten bucks says SEGA waited until the project was finished and out for a while so people would spread it to other sites before they had to shut it down to keep shareholders happy.
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