Video Games Industry Role of Honour for Japanese Disaster Relief

Corporates show community spirit

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Video Games Industry Role of Honour for Japanese Disaster Relief
Look, basically rather than make a huge deal pretending that we - a video games website - can actually report on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster, we're simply going to show you how the games industry is responding to it in a positive way.

Here, in no particular order, is the role of honour as of this morning:

Sony: 300 million yen (2,300,000) + 30,000 radios.

Nintendo: 300 million yen.

SEGA: 200 million yen.

Tecmo Koei: 10 million yen.

Namco Bandai: 100 million yen. It is also suspending "operation of some Japanese arcades to help with power conservation needs."

Microsoft: "$2 million, which includes $250,000 in cash as well as in-kind contributions."

Gaia Online: In-game items made which will be sold to provide "up to $10,000" in relief funds.

Eve Online: Offering gamers the ability to donate here.

We'll add to the list as more game-related organisations come to the fore.

Well done all.

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haritori 15 Mar 2011 13:41
A lot of Japanese based Companies there, where's EA, Activision etc they have more than enough to donate a couple of million to relief efforts.
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