New Details on Tomb Raider Revamp

Grave robbing in uncharted areas

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New Details on Tomb Raider Revamp
New details have emerged on the upcoming Tomb Raider "reboot" and the re-imagining of its main hero, Lara Croft.

Art Director for the title, Brian Horton, explained that Crystal Dynamics' intentions with the newest title in the popular franchise will not overtly emphasise Lara's sex appeal. Concentration will be focused on Lara's love of archaeology and intelligence as much as her attractiveness and other major features this time around.

Horton added that Lara's appeal will also be displayed through her ability to show adversity through tough conditions as players see her survive through dangerous moments. she will experience real-world damage on her clothes and body, reinforcing her beauty and vulnerability.

What do you make of the recent re-imagining of the beloved Lara croft? And are you looking forward to the newest Tomb Raider game in the franchise? Any thoughts, feel free to post them down below.

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Pete 10 Dec 2010 13:45
an' den i runz in2 da circular blades to make her bra fallz offz.
I totally love the re imaging of the new Lara Croft 10 Dec 2010 17:19
I am more impressed with the re imaging than I thought I would be, I can't wait to play the game being a massive lara croft fan myself.I like to cosplay lara croft also.I would like to ask if anyone knows if the game will be brought out for the wii or the playstation 2?Great work guys.from Louise
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Andy P 10 Dec 2010 22:40
So it's Lara, but muddy.

Great re-imagining guys!

Seriously though, there have been several brilliant Tomb Raider games, and Guardian of Light was pretty damn awesome too, though very different. Just make a great game and we'll love it. (Seriously. I'm a Lara fan. I own Lara dolls, literally. But I just want to play a great game, whether Lara's wearing a skimpy frock or a muddy pair of jeans makes practically zero difference).
Scott 11 Dec 2010 19:07
Im a tombraider fan, and I hope this time round we have some intelligent puzzles and adventure, not loads of cut scenes, please push this button now, jump, jump shoot.

Tombraider has turned into jumping about and shooting, I want some hardcore puzzles and mystery. Come on dynamics, give us what we want. Don't turn this into a gun fight, as I might as well play call of duty or battlefield.

I want open levels so I can explore in my own time. And add some mystery to it. What happened to the illuminati Rosicrucian theme?
Nayhem 13 Dec 2010 08:10
No more shorts? LAME!
CaptSkyRocket 13 Dec 2010 10:40
No more bikini's either....
nyamahoe 14 Dec 2010 17:24
I quite like the new image. But I think I will always love the older and original Lara, she looks so young in this...guessing thats why they're making it so it's like she's unexperienced in combat/tomb raiding? basically starting from the start maybe :S
hmm. old lara is better, new lara reminds me of sheva from Resident evil 5
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