Wii Vitality Sensor: Control Games and Breath Control

Breathe in, breathe out, hands up, hands down...

Posted by Staff
Wii Vitality Sensor: Control Games and Breath Control
A recently-filed Japanese patent reveals a possible use for Nintendo's mysterious Vitality Sensor - the ability to play games by controlling your breathing patterns.

The bizarre peripheral uses a light beam and photodetector to determine a player's haemoglobin levels. The reading of the Vitality Sensor is weakened when the user's blood flow is increased, and these detections can help control a game in this manner.

A flying game is described in the patent, whereby a player lifts the character by inhaling and lowering it by exhaling. The Vitality Sensor also reads a user's 'relax fluid' which is calculated by measuring a cardiac cycle over 100 pulse beats - it seems this could be used as a means to compare playtime with others of the same age.

The patent hints that such a game could be released in the Winter, either during the Christmas period or early 2011. We'd hedge our bets that it won't be coming out in time for Santa's annual visit. What do you think?


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