Team Ninja Head Details 3Ds DOA Reboot

Fighting not 3D boobs

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Team Ninja Head Details 3Ds DOA Reboot
The head of Tecmo's Team Ninja, Yousuke Hayashi, has revealed details his team's upcoming title Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, it's 3D boobs'n'beach time.

Hayashi explained that he was surprised at his first introduction to the hardware as at the time he was unaware that the handheld would be capable of supporting 3D. He also commented that prior to his first time with the 3DS he had thoughts about producing a fighting game for a handheld games machine and that, "The reality was that there was no hardware that matched this. When I first saw the 3DS, I felt that with this performance, it could be done."

Hayashi further discusses the potential of 3D in fighting games and explains that generally people's perception of the technology is of objects being projected out of the screen towards them. He, however, sees 3D as providing the potential for increased depth in future titles and that "it's a method for showing things realistically."

He also touched on how players will be able to run into objects in the game's stages, increasing the level of interactivity over past instalments in the series. Furthermore, Hayashi explained that Team Ninja is hoping to reboot the DOA franchise with Dead or Alive Dimensions playing a part in this approach and added that:

"We've released 1 through 4, so we want Dimensions to allow you to experience everything in those." This means that the characters everyone expects to be in the game will be there."

A release date has yet to be set for Dead or Alive Dimensions but be sure to check SPOnG for future updates on this and the title over the coming months.

Source: Inside Games via Andriasang


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