APB Gets 'Fundamental Changes' in Latest Update

Real Time Worlds' administration quagmire doesn't slow down MMO updates.

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APB Gets 'Fundamental Changes' in Latest Update
Now this is courage! In the face of adversity, Real Time Worlds has announced the release of a hefty update to APB. Version 1.4.1 is to contain "some of the most fundamental changes to date" with the emphasis on "features you've been waiting for."

The many improvements made to the game world include combat (client-side predicted crouch, rebalanced weapons, quicker open-world vehicle break-ins, lower mouse sensitivity), matchmaking, VOIP and graphical refinements. A heap of brand new content will be added too, from hats and symbols to songs and instrument packs.

APB's lacklustre performance at retail, despite its huge investment from third parties, was cited as the reason for Real Time World's fall into administration. With redundancies and other troubles hitting the developer, the future of the open-world sandbox game seemed uncertain.

Official posts on the APB website state that the studio issues will not affect the progress and development of the game at all. Who exactly will be involved with evolving the brand remains unclear, as Activision stage an event in Dundee to offer employment advice to those facing redundancy at Real Time Worlds.

Players can test out these new features in the returning Public Test World, until the 'patch' goes live next week. Full details of the 1.4.1 update can be found here.


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