Sony: PlayStation Plus Satisfies The Impulse Buyer

Who is Sony to deny people wanting to throw money at them, after all?

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Sony: PlayStation Plus Satisfies The Impulse Buyer
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's president, Andrew House, has been waxing lyrical about the announcements made in the company's press conference last night - and provided a reason behind the introduction of PlayStation Plus to boot.

On the new subscription service, House told the official PlayStation website that "there is an appetite for people to have the most privileged access to PlayStation Network and a willingness perhaps to pay a membership to join that club. Our answer to that impulse is the launch of PlayStation Plus.

"All the things that people have come to expect from PSN will continue to be there and will continue to be free of charge. PlayStation Plus gives the consumer an opportunity to access something more." House said that some benefits will be time-based - first in line to grab demos and other content for example - some will focus on offering free content and others will feature "access [to] some of our more innovative initiatives."

While he was being suitably vague on these additional initiatives - Cross-game voice chat, perhaps? - House moved on to PlayStation Move, and discussed the number of publishers and developers that have happily jumped on board with the device. "Looking back at EyeToy and SingStar, we feel that we have a very strong heritage on PlayStation with social gaming and different forms of interaction other than with conventional controllers.

"With PlayStation Move, we’re able to offer a social experience with a degree of accuracy and immersion that we’ve not seen before combined with a tremendous enhancement of the experience for the already committed gamer," House continued. "That is something that our publishing and development partners have picked up on very quickly and they’ve seen that this is a major step forward for PS3."

While it does appear that many retail games will come equipped with Move functionality, it was also revealed that the PlayStation Network will be home to various digitally-distributed games that will also take advantage of the new peripheral.


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