Sony Sells Over 5 Million PS3s In Japan

Final Fantasy XIII best selling title in the country.

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Sony Sells Over 5 Million PS3s In Japan
Sony has passed a PlayStation milestone in Japan recently, if figures from Enterbrain are accurate. The Famitsu publisher has recorded five million PS3 consoles sold in the country since launch.

Even though it only came out in December, Final Fantasy XIII is recognised as the biggest-selling title for the platform, shifting a total of 1.8m units. Metal Gear Solid 4 follows with 706,461 copies sold, and Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend becomes the third best-selling game with 526,093 copies sold.

The PS3 hit the 4 million sales mark back in mid-December, as we all remember - so that means between then and the 11th April Japanese gamers have bought another 1m consoles. No doubt the slew of fresh Spring titles has helped it dominate the Japanese hardware charts in recent weeks.

Enterbrain didn't give any numbers for the Xbox 360. It's probably better that way.

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