Platinum Games Teases Bayonetta 2

Ponders the possibility of a spinoff title.

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Platinum Games Teases Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta didn't exactly fly to the moon as much as it stormed up to it on a rocket, roundhouse kicked it in the face with the force of a hundred tower blocks and then spanked it on the metaphorical rump and sensually danced all over it. It was simply that freaking cool.

So, it's no wonder that Platinum Games is considering a sequel, mere weeks after its release. In an interview with Game Informer, director Hideki Kamiya hinted that a future instalment could be in the form of a spinoff.

“We obviously have love for the work we have crafted, so I don't see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2. Personally, I'd like to approach the world of Bayonetta from a different angle.” The full interview will be published in the March issue of the US games magazine, apparently.

Love Bayonetta? Naturally. But would you want a true sequel or a spin-off featuring Jeanne perhaps, or maybe even Enzo? That might be funny. Either way, speak your mind on the comments box below.


Tyrell ross 28 Jan 2010 08:08
true sequal spin offs never work
Amanno 26 Jan 2011 01:52
A true sequel of Bayonetta would be awesome! :)
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