SEGA's Website Pushes Alpha Protocol to 2010

Company's American website is the only mention of the delay.

Posted by Staff
Was it this chap who called the game "Barely RPG"?
Was it this chap who called the game "Barely RPG"?
SEGA's spy RPG, Alpha Protocol, appears to have slipped its original October release window and been pushed back until early next year.

Pre-orders are still offering an October 2009 release on the company's European website, but on the American page the game's profile notes a 'Spring 2010' date instead.

Perhaps the slip is to give the game a little bit more polish - a recently leaked SEGA document notes some internal comments about Alpha Protocol that slates it as "barely RPG". A few extra months of development could iron out any potential kinks.

We've contacted SEGA to see if they can confirm the delay.


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