Original Voice Actors Reprise Full Talky Monkey Island!

And the return of Spiffy the Dog.

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Original Voice Actors Reprise Full Talky Monkey Island!
The good news we already knew, LucasArts' The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is coming to XBL in just a few months. Now LucasArts Community Manager, Brooks Brown, has fleshed out the news in an interview with the inestimable Jason Hill.

Says Brooks, "...finally you'll be able to hear this game as a full talkie, like we all wanted back in the day. We brought all of the actors from the Curse of Monkey Island, who we now all identify with, Dominic Armato as Guybrush, Earl Boen as LeChuck, we have all of those throughout the game playing their characters, plus a few other great voice actors who have really made the characters special."

While changes have been made to the original - the Verb Bar is gone for example, other elements are retained or even returned. Take the Loom badge, "Do we really want to mention Loom, this game we haven't put out in years? Can we make it, Ask me about The Force Unleashed? Can we make it something like that?" were some of the development team's concerns. Thankfully the answer was "No, we can't change it".

Also, Hill's interview provides some insight into how marketing and production haven't changed in decades:

Brooks explains, "In the original version of the game, when they first made it, this little puppy (Spiffy the Dog) was supposed to get a close up. I'm not joking, when you talked to him, he would get a close up. The marketing team got a hold of it and said: 'Dogs sell, put it on the back of the box!' So they did.

"And then the production team said 'We need four more K (kilobytes) - Spiffy's out!' And marketing never pulled it off the back of the boys."

Well, Spiffy is back and so - possibly are new LucasArts titles in future.

Read the full interview here.


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