Paging Mr Threepwood: Come to Xbox Live?

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Paging Mr Threepwood: Come to Xbox Live?
The Secret of Monkey Island - just saying the name is enough to make some grown people smile. Some (people in SPOnG) say that LucasArts' comical graphic adventure was to video games as important as works of Charlie Chaplin or the Marx Brothers were the film. Some would say Monkey Island was more important than the Bible itself to western civilization.

So, it's quite nice to see Gamerbytes report that the game that changed everything about the world ever and is more important than water, might be coming to Xbox Live.

Apparently, USK - the German game ratings board - has mentioned a Special Edition with Activision attachment* for Xbox 360. No surprises there, as LucasArts is published by Activision in Europe.

Gamerbyte assumes the game is heading for XBLA... and why not. Unless, of course, there's a total reworking of the game that is more worthy than anything ever done in movies.

But that would be akin to re-recording The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses and sticking make-up on Ian Brown. Or, if you don't urinate into a bag coming out of your side yet, like re-making the video for Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time with Miley Cyrus (since we're talking about important cultural events).

* We are still trying to track down the reference.

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