Worms PS3 Coming Early April

Follows US release thanks to language issues

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Worms for PSN.
Worms for PSN.
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Team17 has confirmed that its PS3 version of Worms, slated for release over the PlayStation Network, will be with us as of April 11th.

The game has already released in North America. Explaining the UK delay (as well as giving mention to a demo) a Team17 staffer said in a forum post, "A demo will be forthcoming, the European version is out April 11 (delay due to additional language testing). SCEA (Sony USA) asked if they could put it out as soon as it was approved and we obliged."

The game will be an expanded version of the Xbox Live Arcade entry into the Worms series.

News of a PS3 version slipped out thanks to a listing on the German USK rating board but was then confirmed by Team17 right here on SPOnG.

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