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Posted by Staff
SPOnG has got its mitts on some pictures of the new Nintendo DS, dubbed DSi. Generous sorts that we are, we thought we'd share.

To the right and below you can see the upcoming device. The changes are modest as far as looks go, but since the DS Lite is a fairly sexy piece of kit anyway, that's fine.

The new DSi, in case you missed it, was just announced. It will, as has been rumoured, feature a camera and music playback. Japan will get it on November 1st, while SPOnG's been told that it will be launched next Spring in Europe.

Anyway, you can tuck into the pictures below. Let us know what you think in the Forum.


SuperSaiyan4 2 Oct 2008 11:20
So if its only 102 in Japan then I guess in the UK it will be 129.99...Wondering if its worth importing...But I guess all the new features will be useless over here anyways.
deleted 2 Oct 2008 11:33
yeah because we sont take pictures or listen to music and whats an SD card????

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SuperSaiyan4 2 Oct 2008 14:56
Ok not ALL of the new features, but I was talking about some of the net based stuff. And what if it has camera based games which aren't obviously here yet?
mrAnthony 2 Oct 2008 17:55
then you wait til they are?

Shino 4 Oct 2008 05:36
Too great!!! can't wait, and for that moment i was hope can increase more like mobile game and phone call, gps and much more gadget <^.^>
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