Tomb Raider: Underworld Progress "Encouraging"

Lara's next outing still on schedule

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Tomb Raider: Underworld Progress "Encouraging"
Eidos' parent company, SCi, is so pleased with how it's doing with the next instalment in the Tomb Raider franchise that it's slipped in a wee update for us in a financial announcement.

The announcement tells us, "Progress with Tomb Raider: Underworld remains encouraging and the game is scheduled for worldwide release before Christmas 2008."

Granted, it's not a vast amount of information, but SPOnG's mighty pleased to see that things are progressing smoothly, especially given that Eidos already opted to delay the game from its planned summer release.

The fact that SCi bothered to mention this in a financial announcement - which was about how it plans to raise capital - demonstrates just how much the troubled company is hanging on the release. Stay tuned to SPOnG for more on SCi's financial plans.


Daz 25 Apr 2008 16:51
this game is going to rule
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