Beowulf To Get Naked Angelina Jolie?

We hope so...

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Beowulf To Get Naked Angelina Jolie?
Beowulf's mum might be poised to claim the title of most lusted after lady in gaming. Reports suggest that the one and only Angelina Jolie is set to appear naked in the upcoming game of the film of the poem as the matriarch.

Speaking in an interview, Beowulf's narrative designer Gabrielle Shrager said that there was no way around sliding nudity into the game. Letting fly on the subject, Shrager said:

"There is much sexual innuendo in the game, because the faustian character who is Grendel's mother goes about getting you to sign the dirty deal with her by using her extremely tempting body. So you have that aspect of it and there's definitely no way around it. It's a very, very important part of it."

Sounds promising so far.

Probed further on the subject of whether this is Ms. Jolie's first naked gaming appearence, Shrager said, "The naked virtual version of Angelina Jolie exists in the movie. She symbolises everything that's gold and glorious. She has these scintillating gold shaders moving up and down her body, which we were able to reproduce for the game too. So it's quite sexy."

So... the effect was reproduced for the game. Shrager doesn't quite confirm that the effect is on a virtual representation of Jolie's body though.

Eagle-eyed observers will have noticed that Jolie was not on the list of actors confirmed as lending their voice talent and likenesses to the game. "Angelina was billed to play the voice in the game as she does in the movie. At the time we had scheduling problems", said Shrager.

So, no confirmation that Jolie's likeness appears in the game. Don't get us wrong, SPOnG would be more than happy to see the lovely Ms. Jolie in all her naked glory when Beowulf hits the PS3, PC, 360 and PSP, but we don't want to get too excited and cause any accidents just yet. If Jolie was appearing in the game, we're pretty sure her name would have been at the top of that list. Here's hoping that Ubisoft was just holding some information back for a rainy day...

You can find out more about Beowulf over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.

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RiseFromYourGrave 30 Oct 2007 13:37
pretty sure i read that its not actually angelina jolies body appearing naked in the film, it was cgi or a body double, so it can still feed your fantasies but it isnt based in fact. rent gia if you want to see her real tits. i can take them or leave them
tyrion 30 Oct 2007 20:01
RiseFromYourGrave wrote:
pretty sure i read that its not actually angelina jolies body appearing naked in the film, it was cgi or a body double

Since the whole film is CGI, that's a given, but apparently it was a CGI body double with Ms. Jolie's CGI head pasted on top!
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RiseFromYourGrave 31 Oct 2007 00:52
haha, good grief! yeah i just meant that the boobs you saw were not angelina's in any way shape or form, but cgi/body double trickery. but it was both!!!
jessica 31 Oct 2007 01:36
She has many nude scenes in the movie. And she is interested in nudism. I saw her profile and nude photos on So maybe she is a nudist. lol
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