PlayStation Eye Street Date

PS3 owners getting camera fun

Posted by Staff
Sony has announced the release date for its PlayStation Eye camera peripheral for the PS3. November 7th is when PAL residents will be able to get their mitts on the kit.

Sony has also slapped a price on the camera, placing it at 24.99 for UK residents.

As well as the camera, PS3 owners will also get EyeCreate bundled in the package. EyeCreate, if you're not familiar with it, is the software that will allow you to save photos, videos and audio clips to your PS3 hard drive as well as turning on a bit of editing magic.

If you were planning on buying Eye of Judgement - which comes with a PlayStation Eye camera, but no EyeCreate - fear not. Sony tells us that the EyeCreate software will be available for free on the PlayStation store as of October 25th. Gamers who just can't wait to have the Eye on top of their telly can get Eye of Judgement on October 26th for a recommended retail price of 69.99.

Of course, Sony did once upon a time tell us that the camera would be available over Summer. SPOnG's hoping for an Indian Summer as much as the next indoors loving games nerd, but we reckon November's pushing it a bit.

Sony also took the time to confirm that, as of October 25th, the following PlayStation Eye-compatible games will be available on the PlayStation Network: Operation Create Feature, The Trials of Topoq and Aqua Vita.

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