PlayStation 3 Cheaper Than PSOne In Beer

Now that's what we call an exchange rate

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SPOnG does not condone the drinking of Stella... especially if you can get ale.
SPOnG does not condone the drinking of Stella... especially if you can get ale.
Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, former Sony Europe boss, Chris Deering made the kind of price comparison we can all identify with (if we're of age of course).

Deering who is now consultant to various publishers including Codemasters, as well as being chairman of both Jalipo (an Internet TV company) and the EIF itself, said:

"In terms of the number of pints of beer you have to forego to get a PS3 it's really just the same as the number of pints of beer you had to forego to get a PS1 back in 1995".

According to the UK's National Statistics Online site, the price of a pint of lager in 1996 (it doesn't actually show 1995, was 1.73. However, according to the Treasury Archive, the price of beer was frozen in the 1995 budget and only raised in November 1996. Okay? Right, so beer was 1.73 per pint. Our own research tells us that a pint of Stella in Wakefield costs around 2.50.

The PSOne launch price was 299. The current retail price for a PS3 is 425... so, as far as we can see, Deering's not too far off the mark with this one. Back in 1995 299 divided by 1.73 would have added up to a mighty 172.8 (Beers on the Deering scale). A PS3 at today's prices will cost you B170.

Therefore on the DBS, a PS3 is less expensive than a PSOne at a similar stage in their respective histories.

Blimey. Time for more 'research we reckon'. Don't forget to check back later for the full SPOnG interview with 'the father of the European PlayStation'.



Captain Chaos! 15 Aug 2007 11:06
What a boring article.

Sony stop defending your mistakes and show us the games!
haritori 15 Aug 2007 12:29
we all know cigs and booze goes up in price, but since when does technology go up in price???, the price of a psone today compared to a ps3 today would be better, how many pints of beer would we save our livers from if the ps3 was launched in 1995? my guess is that it would of cost a hell of a lot more than $425.00, this comparison crap is boring, jesus in 1950 i could of bought 2 new cars for the price of todays ps3 but what does that proove?
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