Schwarzenegger Appeals Video Game Ban

Arnie declares he will defend the law

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Californian State Senator Leland Yee, main supporter of the bill.
Californian State Senator Leland Yee, main supporter of the bill.
California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has declared that he will appeal against the decision made by U.S. District Judge John Whyte, who has overturned California Civil Code 1746-1746.5 (AB 1179) - which sought to ban the sale of violent software to minors.

In a press release earlier today one of the bills main supporters, Californian State Senator Leland Yee, declared:

“I am shocked that the Court struck down this common-sense law. AB 1179 worked to empower parents by giving them the ultimate decision over whether or not their children should be playing in a world of violence and murder.”

He then continued:

“We simply cannot trust the industry to regulate itself. I strongly urge the Governor and the Attorney General to appeal this decision to a higher court and to the Supreme Court if necessary until our children are protected from excessively violent video games.”

Governor Schwarzenegger then released his own press release declaring his support for the bill and that he would appeal Judge John Whyte’s decision:

“I signed this important measure to ensure that parents are involved in determining which video games are appropriate for their children. The bill I signed would require that violent video games be clearly labeled and not be sold to children under 18 years old. Many of these games are made for adults and choosing games that are appropriate for kids should be a decision made by their parents.

“I will vigorously defend this law and appeal it to the next level”.

Nice video game-related pun there, Arnie... "next level"... yeah, we get it.

We told you he'd be back.


Joji 7 Aug 2007 16:54
Damn Arnie! Never ever seen a terminator bend over so easily, you are just to keen to please the masses. If this bill ever went through it would be horrible for any californian gamers out their. Get back to acting, man.

Soccer mums decide whether you can play games, I'm suren if they had their way, even the likes of Rachet and Clank would get a bad rating. One bonus of it if it did happen, is that it would give the non playing masses, an insight into the industry and what's involved.

They think deciding on game ratings, on all genre evenly, is an easy business, with so many games out per year. I bet this isn't the case at all.
YenRug 7 Aug 2007 19:18
We simply cannot trust the industry to regulate itself.

And yet the movie industry can, Arnie? He seems to be forgetting that the movie ratings in the USA are not legally binding, they are only recommendations/guidelines for films at the cinema, whilst on DVD you can release "unrated" versions.
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deleted 7 Aug 2007 20:20
Arnie you sick son of bitch, Im sure you took your money from the non regulated industry when you got your money for the licencing of games!, infact 20% and thats not less cost you got 20% of the total figures! and of everything related to Terminator 3, My guess was you couldnt give a s**t if the game was rated 365++++ becuase you still got your 20% and as End of Days (1999) and The Six Day (2000) bombed at the Box Office and DVD you stepped into Government to keep your Big Big income thorugh a corupt and unfair leading, after all you didnt get the job based on your love for the american people or the ability to talk the talk, and as far as i have read you didnt promise the people much (it wasnt like you said a Jonny Cab on every corner) so Mr Terminator this is just another step for you to earn some more cash and own another chromed out humvee, and thats where the real problems lay my freind, Pollution, Poverty, Illness, War but your concern is people enjoying a game in a responsible manner should not be allowed to make their own decision, but i fear its not the last we hear from you, after all You`ll Be Back.
king skins 8 Aug 2007 09:43
Was anyone else reading Arnie's statment in a Terminator type voice?

Anyway, really don't see why you all have a problem with people trying to stop kids from playing adult games. Seams like common sense to me.
tyrion 8 Aug 2007 13:14
king skins wrote:
Was anyone else reading Arnie's statment in a Terminator type voice?

Yep! <raises hand>
PreciousRoi 8 Aug 2007 13:34
I'm not sure anyone here has a problem with parents keeping their children from any material they deem inappropriate.

Its just that the trend appears to be in favor of a wholesale abdication of responsibility from parents, in favor of government and media.

Now this is a very complex issue, with very strong emotional issues and ulterior motives involved. I certainly object to any kind of draconian legal measures which would serve to restrict the access of responsible (and irresponsible for that matter) adults to content of their choosing. Parents have the ultimate responsibility for what gets into their childrens sensorium, they have all the tools neccessary already on the video game side.

Personally I think little Johnny's mother has more to worry about from little Frankie's mom, who buys him whatever he wants, than from some poor minimum wage clerk.
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