Arcade Fighting Joystick For The Wii

Pictures inside - look, want, need

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Arcade Fighting Joystick For The Wii
Hori, makers of lovely and solid and responsive 'proper' arcade joysticks have released an arcade fighting stick for the Nintendo Wii with an eight-way digital stick and eight buttons (pictured).

This beauty is to be available from August in Japan and, SPOnG hopes, soon after in Europe - if some clued-up peripherals importer knows what's good for us... erm, itself.

It's especially good news, following the soon-to-be-officially announced WiiWare service - which is set to encourage both the bigger, well-established publishers along with indie and smaller developers to release new and original games directly via download for Wii. Stay tuned for more on WiiWare very shortly.

Meanwhile, we refuse to continue to play Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on Wii until we get one of these beautiful-looking joysticks from Hori. It's kind of annoying when something new arrives that we immediately develop a previously unrecognised deep-seated consumer need for.


Joji 27 Jun 2007 12:28
Let's hope once Wii is done with SNES games, some meatier arcade games will follow, either on dvd or download. Nintendo have to push their other controllers too though.

Vampire Saviour Collection will do nicely, Capcom. Bung it on a dvd and it'll be nice and cheap.
soanso 28 Jun 2007 10:12
Don't forget the NeoGeo games that are meant to be coming too. They'd be mighty with this stick!
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