Nintendo: Wii Hard Drive Has No Basis In Fact

Wild speculation abounds

Posted by Staff
What do you get when you add several indeterminate numbers? Who knows...
What do you get when you add several indeterminate numbers? Who knows...
The internet is rife with speculation that Nintendo will announce a hard drive for the Wii at next month's E3.

The rumour has its origin in two sources. The first is French site Jeux France reporting “rumours which appear credible to [them]” that indicate there will be “a 'large revelation on the Hardware level'”.

Next up was a podcast from IGN in which the hosts speculated that a hard drive will be unveiled soon. Their reasoning was that the Neo Geo games due on Virtual Console this summer are larger than the service's current offerings and will necessitate more than the 512MB of flash memory currently available on the Wii to store them.

Add these two sources together and, according to Go Nintendo and various others, you get Nintendo announcing a new hard drive for the Wii at E3.

SPOnG had the presence of mind to speak to a Nintendo representative on the subject who said, "It is pure rumour and speculation and none of it is based in any fact or announcement." Chalk up a point for Nintendo on the SPOnG Industry BS Index - there is no 'fact' behind the rumour.


Joji 4 Jun 2007 18:03
I tell thee, if Nintendo don't release a hard drive for Wii, now that they are making money on Wii, nunchuk over Wiimote, they are damn stupid.

A hard drive would do a few things. More space for demos of Wii games, game roms, extra Nintendo content, encourage other developers currently shunning Wii, to come and make some games. There'd even be space for DS demos.

Nintendo, you are in the lead now. Whether made by Nintendo or not, a hard drive makes perfect sense. Give gamers what they want, to aid their gaming and be brave. 40-60gb would do nicely.
ICANSEEU 4 Jun 2007 18:23
Or why doesnt Nintendo do what you can do with the ps3?

Attach any external hard drive via usb!!!

but then Sony are a big evil corporate company.....................
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jks 4 Jun 2007 18:59
The sole reason behind the Wii's success is that it's a CONSOLE
not a PC
It costs less than an ipod (0=

Furthermore, even if they do make a hard drive what are the existing Wii owners to do?
surely they can't connect the hard drive with a usb
soanso 4 Jun 2007 20:02
Why not? All it'd take is a simple firmware download.

They should do it and offer proper downloadable new software. Games written for Wii rather than emulated roms.
And while we're at it, why not make Sega Saturn games avialable too?
Jeremy 4 Jun 2007 21:06
Last time I heard they said you would be able to use ANY USB-based hard drive on the Wii, what happened to that?
Ditto 4 Jun 2007 21:36
Maybe they'll use the Gamecube memory card ports; they developed an SD card to Memory Card adaptor for Gamecube years ago.
James 4 Jun 2007 23:00
please make it so, surely with the recent news of 1k per hour vc downloads they need to ramp up VC and storage to cope with bigger better games. (im pretty sure thats one of the reasons for the lack of N64 titles also)
Joji 5 Jun 2007 00:00
In reply to Jeremy, yes it is possible to hook up an external hard drive as far as I'm aware. However, while their are lot of externals on the market for PCs, there aren't any with that recognisable Nintendo Wii label on it. This is what Nintendo need to do and why they need to do it themselves, because once Wii owners realise a Nintendo Wii hard drive, they'll buy one to download more demo and stuff. On top of that PC external hard drives aren't available from the likes of Game.

Remember, Wii is selling faster than fresh bread. Stick some Nintendo stuff on a Wii hard drive and everyone will be happier, for those that want that option. The same way PS2 before and now the 360 have the hard drive as an option, such a move would work in Wii's favour.

It'd be a win win for all
majin dboy 5 Jun 2007 12:22
would the wii be able to have more powerful games?
Chuck 5 Jun 2007 13:30
It's true. Nintendo has topped the PS3 by a long shot. They are in the lead of sales and Wii has become the hottest console out there. But I can see why Nintendo has not released a HD for the Wii yet.

Think about it, Nintendo is still in the lead and money is flying into them, why release the HD now when they can wait, concentrate on some good games, get some cool apps out there, and then when the time is right and there is a need for a HD send it out. Why buy something now you don't need. It's like saying well I can fit 100Gb on my Nintendo, but there is only 1Gb of information out there for it.

In reply to a different post no the Wii will not be able to play more powerful games. But you need to look at it like this. PS3 spent all of there money on graphics, no one likes PS3. XBOX360 had some decent games, and XBOX Live was pretty cool, but no one can match the interactivity of the Nintendo Wii. I don't care that the graphics aren't so real that I mess myself every time something cool happens.I enjoy the game play aspect more.
Joji 5 Jun 2007 14:11
Good point. I like many others are not concerned about powerful games (especially when I look at the likes of RE4 on GC/Wii), just good ones worth our time. I think a hard drive could aid that vision, especially when you consider Wii online.

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