New Wii NiGHTS Shifts Developer

Devs US-based. New game assured

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Gamereactuer's apparent exclusive.
Gamereactuer's apparent exclusive.
According to reliable sources - who wish to retain their anonymity - the 100% new NiGHTS for Wii has shifted developer from the Japan-based Prope to US-based Sonic Team.

The emergence of a brand new NiGHTS also appears to be confirmed by a third-party, in this case Gamereactor magazine and its April 2007 cover story (pictured right).

Prope was set-up by with initial SEGA funding by the former Sonic Team leader (and lead programmer on the original Sonic The Hedgehog), Yuji Naka . The current Sonic Team has been responsible for, among others, Sonic and the Secret Rings for Wii.

Naka is a close personal friend of Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, and a staunch advocate of Nintendo hardware. He was also paraded by Nintendo during its DS launches - and has been a keen advocate of Wii (back when it was still a Revolution)i. So, the reason for the Dev' move remains shrouded mystery.

Sonic Team connection, however, simply adds to the verbal confirmations we have already received regarding the fact that the latest NiGHTS game will be an entirely new property designed specifically for Nintendo's hard-to-find console.

Also, popping up on Youtube today is what looks like some rather confused viral marketing. We say confused because the central character - being tortured by two lovely ladies - is said to be a kidnapped SEGA developer dressed as a rabbit rather than the acrobat of the original 1996 Saturn NiGHTs release.

Check the video out below and tell us what you think on the Forum.


soanso 28 Mar 2007 00:48
If that was me I'd have talked. Spilling the beans to make Bluhnt stop would be worth it!
OptimusP 28 Mar 2007 12:50
Please have the team behind Secret Rings (the one that did the single player part) do this game, for the love of all the SEGA fans out there! They really need some good old fashioned SEGA magic coming out more then anything.

I would have cracked when they said that they're going to play that song, without actually playing it.
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