Virgin MegaStore's PS3 Pre-Launch: First Pics

But is the girl at the front a Sony stooge?

Posted by Staff
Check it out! SPOnG just paid a visit to Virgin's flagship 'Megashop' at the top of Oxford Street to check out what was happening at the Sony PS3 'launch camp', and we must say, we were very pleasantly surprised by what we discovered - a bunch of eager gamers and a well-organised and well-planned launch celebration for the (finally!) official UK launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 'Megacomputer'... on Thursday night/Friday morning.

Firstly, for the uninitiated, the games demo room at this particular Virgin really is second to none. There's plenty of room - unlike normal retail demo units that tend to be squeezed in at the end of the shelves, here gamers have a room to themselves to play in peace, for as long as their little hearts are content. There's also lots of big loungey sofa-type things, loads of demo pods of all flavours and - most impressively - a huge PlayStation 3 demo area made out to feel just like your lounge. Well, kind of like your lounge would feel like if you were living in a Bladerunner-inspired future-dream world (pictured below).

It's kind of like a lovely big free arcade. We urge you to check it out the next time your significant other drags you down to Oxford Street. It's man heaven. Virgin's MegaStore has just become our new favourite place to make central London excursions mildly more bearable in future. Which is entirely A Good Thing.

Secondly, SPOnG is also impressed to see that a bunch of eager and happy campers have already turned up before we did at midday today - so we managed to grab a quick chat with the first guy in the queue - a very happy Ritatsu Thomas (aged 17, pictured below) and one (very knowledgeable) Sony fangirl.

Games wise, everybody is very keen to get their mitts on Resistance and Motorstorm, with Ridge Racer 7 and Formula One: Championship Editions also getting a few mentions (from the boys). Luckily, the first 150 people in the queue tonight and tomorrow will pick up a free copy of Resistance, courtesy of the good people of Virgin.

And for the cynics out there, Shanie Chatfield (aged 19, here with her boyfriend Anthony Brophy, aged 21 - both pictured below) - despite her encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Sony-tinged - was not a planted Sony stooge. We know this because when we suggested she might be she cried "I wish, I'd love to work for Sony! I want a job in their marketing department!"

SPOnG will be heading back down to Virgin later this evening to check out how the crowd of campers is shaping up - check back for regular updates and check out our first bunch of PS3 launch pics right here. More pics up as soon as our fingers can upload them...


tyrion 21 Mar 2007 17:49
Sony! Give her a job in the marketing department! Someone needs to tell them not to make adverts about grenades and demonic babies.
PistolPete 21 Mar 2007 18:00
tis a pity she's an ugo. :p
Svend Joscelyne 21 Mar 2007 18:05
Oh my god. I know Shanie. o_O Am quite surprised to see her there - six months ago she was gushing about SEGA and Microsoft. How many others were in the queue I wonder, would be cool to know.
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