Tretton: Sony (May Be) Ready To Rumble

Sony exec hints at rumble

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Tretton: The PJ to Immersion's Duncan
Tretton: The PJ to Immersion's Duncan
Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has added further weight to speculation that rumble is returning to PlayStation controllers.

Speaking in a recent interview, Tretton made the following comments, “You will see peripherals coming from SCEA that will address the interests of the U.S. consumer. I don't have anything to tell you specifically, but we're certainly open to changing the Sixaxis controller if it addressed North American gamers.”

“Changing the Sixaxis controller” sounds suspiciously like “adding rumble” to SPOnG's ears. Especially in light of Sony's renewed canoodling with Immersion. It's no coincidence that Tretton's comments come less than a week after Sony settled its case with the peripheral developer. From that settlement came an agreement, of which the details were vague at best, to use Immersion's 'vibro-tactile' technology in Sony products.

Before we all get too giddy, however, note the phrase “interests of the U.S. consumer”. Talking on Sony's broader approach to controllers, Tretton said,”We used to have a narrow approach to controllers. If you really wanted to [move outside the standard controller], we left it up to third-party manufacturers. But now we're moving to a regional approach.”

Yes, all you Brits tuning in: “Regional approach”.

The likelihood of a Sony controller featuring rumble may well dismay third-party hardware developer Splitfish. It recently announced that it had developed alternative force-feedback technology for the Sixaxis. With Sony's and Immersion's new deal, and Tretton's comments it would seem that Splitfish isn't onto the winner it might have thought.

Source: GameTrailers


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