Nintendo Denies Death Of GameCube. Left Hand Not Talking To Right Hand?

Kaplan talking out of tiredness… or hat?

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Nintendo Denies Death Of GameCube. Left Hand Not Talking To Right Hand?
Nintendo of Japan is contradicting a statement from a senior Nintendo of America executive that the company is canning production of the GameCube.

The fact that Nintendo has had to contradict one of its own executives comes as the first real flaw in what’s been an amazingly ‘on-message’ period for the company - which has experienced a miraculous return to form with both the DS and Wii in recent months.

Following our story yesterday that Perrin Kaplan (Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Nintendo of America) had announced the death of the Cube, SPOnG spoke with a Nintendo representative today who told us:

”We are still making them. We’ll always make product if there is demand. We hadn’t heard news (of the death of the GameCube) either, so we contacted Japan. This denial comes from Japan.”

Retail sources are, apparently stating that demand for GameCube games has seen resurgence since the launch of the Wii. This may well be true – however, it may well be true because gamers are playing GameCube games on their Wiis.

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