Rein Weighs In On PS3

Epic Games VP thinks the PS3's OK

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Mark Rein
Mark Rein
Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, has spoken out against the negativity surrounding the PS3. He's also qualified some of his earlier comments on the Wii and mentioned new updates for Gears of War.

When asked whether he thinks the PS3 will tank Rein said:

"No, god, no... People, just give them a break for crying out loud. People think it's bad if they can't ship enough, and then they think it's bad if they can ship enough. It's like, which is it? ... They sold more PS3s in North America than Microsoft sold Xbox 360s in its same period of time, and they clearly aren't going to have the shortage problems that Microsoft had."

He went on to praise Sony's downloadable content, saying "There's not a lot of games on there, but the ones that are there are really high quality."

You might consider bashing Sony critics a bit hypocritical if you remember Rein's assertion that the Wii will lead to 'gimmicky' titles. He addresses that, stating:

"I always said, 'Nintendo will make great games.' And, sure enough, Wii Sports is frickin' awesome... I don't know if that controller works for every kind of game, though. I think that's the one clear message of the Wii. That's what they said all along. Rethink what you're making for this thing, and if you do, you'll have some great success."

Since the launch of Microsoft's Vista is the topic of the hour Rein also shared his feelings on the system:

'It's love/hate. So, I love the feel of Vista, and I love all the cool power tools that are built right in this timeÖ I hate the fact that there's a 32-bit version of it, and I hate the fact that there are versions that can run without Aero Glass.'

He also gave a cheeky mention to more Gears of War updates, saying: "we've got another one coming out another any day now-I'm not exactly sure when. We have another update in the works with a little surprise in it, and we have more downloadable content."

Is all the negativity surrounding the PS3 getting a bit much? Let SPOnG know in the Forum.

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SCiARA 30 Jan 2007 11:57
If you look at in black and white he has got a point. Sony are meeting demand with huge amounts of supply being shipped in.

Itís all well and good having a pop at Sony with the numerous f**k ups over but when they are meeting demand like that then all of a sudden itís assumed that the interest has died away no ones buying it.

Some solid sales figures for the PS3 would clear it up.
hollywooda 30 Jan 2007 12:28
Its part of our modern culture to knock people or companyís that are successful off there perch!,
we love to see the mighty fall, its that car crash u cant turn away from. it just so happens that in this case Sony was the ones that started the rocking!?. I think it's awesome that in this day & age, people are savvy enough not to be fooled & blindly led. A few years ago without the aid of the internet we would never have had access to the inside information we have now, & as they say knowledge is power, maybe large corporations in future will learn from this....... then again, probably not.
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SCiARA 30 Jan 2007 13:54
I f**king hate rubber necking c**ts, they cause pointless traffic and for what? I quick glimpse at a police car?? F**king w****rs, then Iím to blame when I drag them out of the f**king car and beat the s**t out of them.
Quill 30 Jan 2007 23:02
Sony have made some huge gaffes over the launch of the PS3, so its no wonder that people are picking on them.

However, it got to the point that i wondered if people were picking on them for the sake of picking on them. That no matter what they brought to the market, even if it was brilliant, there would be a collective "meh".

Then again, not all potential consumers of the PS3 would read all the doom and gloom on websites, and all they would care about is getting the next Gran Turismo. I still remember a lot of negativity before the PS2 launched (but it was nowhere near PS3 levels)
majin dboy 31 Jan 2007 09:12
""""That no matter what they brought to the market, even if it was brilliant, there would be a collective "meh"""".

i dont think so,i think if sony pulled something really special out of the bag the nintendo fannys(can i say that?) would be picking on stupid smaller things,like the shape or size of the PS3.

also it would be getting a lot of praise from the media,had a good E3 etc,buzz around release.

there's a lot of negativity around the PS3,this may go away in a year or two when it starts to fufill its potentail,until then sony are gona have to deal with the negativity they created by making sum awful decisions.
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