Nintendo Says Granny Wants a Wii for Xmas

Conflicting SPOnG research points up some issues...

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An elderly Japanese man playing Wii
An elderly Japanese man playing Wii
Word from Nintendo in the US this morning informs us that a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive (and, of course, commissioned by Nintendo of America) reveals that 52 percent of grandparents and 68 percent of Baby-Boomers would be excited to receive a technology product as a gift this holiday season.

Such as, for example, one of those nice Nintendo DS Lites or even a lovely shiny white Wii!

"These results confirm that even as folks get older, they still want the same cool tech toys as everyone else," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "A 2006 survey by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that 25 percent of all gamers are 50 or older. Fortunately, we have titles like Brain Age for Nintendo DS to satisfy all the grown-up kids on your shopping list."

SPOnG-News carried out its own poll this morning. Well, we spoke to Adam-SPOnG’s nan, Eileen (77) to quiz her on the matter and ask if she’d like a Wii for Xmas.

SPOnG: “Have you seen the new Nintendo Wii yet then Eileen?”

Eileen: “What do you mean? What counter will it be on then? With games and computers and all that?”

SPOnG: “Yes, Nintendo has just sent out some research that claims that even older people such as yourself still want the same gaming gadgets – like the Wii – such as us young ‘uns.”

Eileen: “Hahahahahaha! Do you have to have a computer to do it on?”

SPOnG: “No, you plug it into your telly, just like your DVD player.”

Nan: “Oh yes right! There’s enough on’t telly already! I don’t think we’d know where to start. Just get us something nice for the garden like you usually do.”

However, Andy-SPOnG assures us that his mum is also a granny and she’s getting a DS for Christmas. We know she’s getting one because he’s bought it for her - along with Brain Age.

As with all surveys, it’s useful to get a look at how the statistics were achieved, so here’s what Harris has to say about it:
Harris Interactive conducted the survey on behalf of Nintendo by telephone within the United States between October 27 and October 30, 2006, among 1,025 adults (aged 18 and over).

So, conflicting data here both supporting and undermining the obviously unbiased research. And on that bombshell, tell us if you Olds want a Wii this Christmas by contributing to the Forum.



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