Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – New Trailer Here

After Zelda, comes Metroid

Posted by Staff
SPOnG’s next must-have Wii game after Zelda is without a doubt, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, currently scheduled for ‘sometime’ 2007. Make it come faster, Nintendo!

To keep us happy and full of Metroid love, Nintendo has just released this latest trailer for the game which you can see below:

What we've already experienced of Metroid Prime 3's controls has us desperately crying out for more. Moving Samus with the Wii's Nunchuk controller and aiming with the pointer “just works”. By this we mean that in terms of being more immersive it is just better than any mechanism in any previous Metroid. And this, as you would imagine, is hugely promising in terms of what the final game is going to offer.

Check out SPOnG’s dedicated Metroid Prime 3: Corruption page, so that you can feast on all the latest info, art and screens from what is currently SPOnG’s most-anticipated Wii game for 2007. Right now, we’re going to get stuck back into Twilight Princess,


majin dboy 21 Nov 2006 12:42
was it just me,or did everyone enjoy MP1 sooo much more than the second one.

the second one i played so i cud complete it,not because i wanted to.the first one is amazing,remember the first time u entered the snow drifty place.or when ridely came out.bitch of a final boss.i completed it with 76% so i got the good ending.anyone get 100%?
Joji 21 Nov 2006 13:50
Never played the first one enough, but once I have my Wii I'll indulge a lot more. Looks groovy, hopefully we'll get it in January.
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majin dboy 21 Nov 2006 18:35
yeah Joji,u really should get round to it.the first time i played it was one christmas morning,it is difficult but sooooo satisfying.the second one i cud do without,more of a chore.didnt like the spin jump,very poor multiplayer.
actionmonkey 22 Nov 2006 10:23
I didn't much like the second one either - I put it down for a week and then when I picked it up again I couldn't for the life of me remember where I was or what to do. I wondered around for hours and finally gave up. This as far as I am concerned is bad gameplay design (and I have a good memory). Imagine if you were drunk or something one night and had a go, the next day you could be lost.

On top of that the game never really picked up, it just seemed to be a lazy and very samey retread using the engine. The first Metorid Prime was amazing - maybe the second one might be good if you'd never played the first.


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