Wii Clocks: Looming Release Date Debunked

Major stores take delivery. Leipzig likely switch-on.

Posted by Staff
You may have noticed that there is considerable chatter on a number of games forums regarding a ‘leaked’ document from Nintendo regarding the ultra-secret Wii release date. Specifically, as you can see the document in question right here, it is a memo from major retailer Virgin Megastore’s Head of Games outlining:

As the launch of the Nintendo Wii approaches please be aware that your store will be receiving a Nintendo Wii Countdown Clock to help instore activity and pre-awareness.

Nintendo will be contacting your store to arrange the installation of the countdown clocks from the 14th August.

Please see below for the list of stores receiving the clocks.

* Megastore
* Piccadilly
* Liverpool
* Cribbs Causeway
* Kings Road
* Bournemouth
* Leeds
* Meadowhall
* Birmingham

Kind regards,

xxxxxx [name erased]

Head of Games

What the fanboys who leaked this memo (plus all the resulting sites who ran it as ‘news’) seemingly failed to do was to pick up the phone and call Virgin or Nintendo to clarify the situation. This is exactly what SPOnG did, because we are good to you like that. James Cook, Head Of Games for Virgin Megastores confirmed that the counting down clocks were on there way and told us: "Through our relationship with Nintendo, count down clocks will arrive at 10 Virgin Megastores this week. The clocks are simply a means to create excitement instore and will only be activated once Nintendo officially reveals the date. The clocks will not be activated tomorrow."

Whilst speaking to Nintendo PR Rob Saunders earlier this morning, SPOnG was told that the counting down clocks were being delivered to all Nintendo’s major retail partners well in time, so retailers are fully prepared once the Wii’s release date is finally confirmed (which is looking very much like it will be at Leibzig next week).

SPOnG will be bringing you news directly from Nintendo's "Wii Prove our Promise" presentation at the Leipzig Games Convention which takes place next week on August 23rd. We assume that the counting down clocks at all major retailers will be activated on or shortly after that day. With any luck we might even get to meet some D-list celebs and/or some daft models at the PR launch of the clocks on Oxford Street.



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