This is Not GTA4 - Screenshot

From Rockstar. Official.

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This is Not GTA4 - Screenshot
A couple of days ago, inboxes across the games industry's news sites lit up with the promise of a leaked Grand Theft Auto 4 screenshot. Exciting stuff, you would think. The problem is that our inbox is filled every day with apparently exciting stuff. Alongside offered products promising us the ability to Cum l1ke a H0rse, we also get a lot of 'leaked' pictures and details sent, 99% of which are from bored and lonely children with a copy of Photoshop.

The latest of these emails to do the rounds purportedly came from a 'disgruntled ex-employee of Rockstar Games' and promised a sneaky leaky look at Grand Theft Auto 4, running in debug mode for the Xbox 360 - the picture you can see to right of these very words.

Due to the fact that it glows like a hyper-saturated, happy-joy-joy Sega video game (Crazy Taxi?), we filed this fake along with the others. Sadly, it would appear that enough sites were duped, forcing Rockstar to make comment of the image.

It's a hoax. A fake, jip, fraud, con, artifice, sham, phony. Call it what you like, it's just not real. Not a surprise, given that it doesn't carry the styling of any GTA title.

Shame really. The chick's got quite a nice butt.

Expect everything on GTA4 as we get it...


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