Best-Ever Motorbike Game’s Website Goes Live

Black Bean’s super-fast, super-accurate, super-bike simulator unleashes on the web.

Posted by Staff
Best-Ever Motorbike Game’s Website Goes Live
VARESE, ITALY – 1st August 2006 -- Black Bean today announced the unveiling of a dedicated website to support its soon-to-be-released motorbike racing simulation game, Super-Bikes Riding Challenge™.

The new game has captured the imagination and interest of the world’s biking media with 41 perfectly modelled and physically accurate motorbikes from a who’s-who of manufacturers including Ducati, MV Agusta, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Triumph, as well as many other rare and exotic machines.

Every aspect of the game has been fanatically engineered to provide the most realistic motorbike experience ever seen on a videogame console or PC. Challenging tracks, superb rider AI, and pure biking passion has been combined to recreate the thrills, speed, and excitement of one of the most exhilarating motor sports in the world

The game’s website at features news, game information, the bikes, the tracks, and breath-taking trailers of the game in action.

Super-Bikes Riding Challenge launches across Europe on PlayStation™ 2 and PC DVD in September 2006.

Super-Bikes Riding Challenge features

  • Separate control for the bike and rider position delivers the ultimate precision motorcycle racing experience

  • Individually modelled, manufacturer approved bikes featuring the same acceleration, weight, balance, cornering ability as in real life

  • Persistent opponents – Thanks to its advanced AI, SUPER-BIKES will feature recurring opponents as the player advances through the game. The player will be able to appreciate how they grow in certain skills and become more challenging as the game progresses, much like his own driving.

  • Tracks – SUPER-BIKES will feature 3 categories of tracks: Race Tracks (Assen, Laguna Seca, Donington, Hockenheim, Valencia, Albacete), Country (Alpes, Cote d’Azur, Tuscan Hills, Highlands, Corsica, Amalfi Coast) and City (Milan, Firenze, London, Barcellona, Berlin), for a total of more than 30 tracks thanks to the different variants available.

  • Wet Conditions – All tracks will feature a wet condition variant that will have the effect of reduced grip in the handling model. This will add a new challenge to each track in the game.

  • End-Level Graphics – SUPER-BIKES will benefit from the implementation of amazing audio and visual effects (e.g. real time environmental mapping, particles animations, blurring effects…).