The Sausage Factory Podcast

The Sausage Factory is an interview-based podcast that lifts the lid on the makers of video games.

It is often said by video game developers that the act of making games is not as nearly as interesting as actually playing them. So much so that many even liken it to a sausage factory in that while sausages are great, the act of making them is something no one should ever bear witness to.

The Sausage Factory podcast aims to disprove this view by bringing the video game audience to the creators of the titles they love to play by interviewing developers. Split into two halves, the first delves into what makes the developers tick by asking about how they started, what and who inspires them and what games they are currently playing. The second half covers what game they are currently working on and the thought processes behind its development. So, if you really want to hear about a game in full undiluted detail then you have found the right podcast.

The Sausage Factory Episode 10: Robot Loves Kitty


Legend of Dungeon by Robot Loves Kitty

The Sausage Factory Episode 09: Roll7


The Sausage Factory chats to Roll 7, the makers of the sublime OlliOlli...

The Sausage Factory Episode 08: Paradox Development Studio


Europa Universalis by Paradox Development Studio

The Sausage Factory Episode 07: The Tiniest Shark


Redshirt by The Tiniest Shark

The Sausage Factory Episode 06: Neocore Games


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing by Neocore Games

The Sausage Factory Episode 05: Zen Studios


Zen Pinball 2 and Castle Storm by Zen Studios

The Sausage Factory Episode 04: Mode 7 Games


Frozen Endzone by Mode 7 Games

The Sausage Factory Episode 03: Cryptic Studios


Star Trek Online by Cryptic Studios

The Sausage Factory Episode 02: Inkle Studios


Steve Jacksons Sorcery by Inkle Studios