Peter Dille


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Sony in a Dille of an Executive Loss News

Senior Playstation marketing man leaves

09 Mar 2011

Sony: Distances Itself from GT5 Pre-Xmas Release Date News

Sony still has dated it.

05 Nov 2010

Sony USA: The Arrogance has Gone News

Kevin Butler ads are helping

06 Apr 2010

Sony's Dille More Than 10 Years for PS3 News

Xbox won't be around in 10 years.

03 Feb 2010

Absolutely NO PlayStation 3 Price Cuts... Yet News

Interview sliced and diced

22 Apr 2009

Sony: The Wii Owns the Closet News

Great Quotes of our time

22 Apr 2009

Sony America Wants a PS3 Price Cut? News

People spend on... blah, blah, blah...

20 Mar 2009

Sony says Game Devs Want Free PS3s News

Pressure mounts for PS3 price cut

16 Mar 2009

PS3 Video Download Service This Summer? News

PlayStation Network VoD rumour abounds...

22 Apr 2008

Sony vs Microsoft: HD-DVD To Die Soon News

Seriously hard slaps too...

13 Jul 2007

Sony – One Million PS3’s Already Shipped News

Plus, 6 million will be shipped by end of March

08 Jan 2007

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