Bombshell! Surely the Funniest Game Video Gag This Week

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Ok, we're calling it now: any trailer featuring hair metal riffs, a 1980s idealised half-robot/woman cyborg, facial animation that makes your wooden chair look lively and starts with the line: "Fellow citizens, fellow Americans, as we head towards a new age..." has to be a joke.

We've got plenty humour, dry, British humour so we can see that this trailer for a 3D Realms/Interceptor Games game called Bombshell is a showreel having a stab satirically at all those terrible game ideas about 'fit chicks on motorbikes with guns and not much else on' that littered movie and game publishers's desks from 1986 to ever. It can't possibly be a game aimed at the 21st Century.

So, yup, we reckon it's satire. Harddy harddy har har! Enjoy!



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