Lionhead Studios Gets Ex-Cryptic CEO

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Lionhead Studios Gets Ex-Cryptic CEO
Phil Harrison has a new buddy at Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead has a new head-boy who takes over immediately and is both "excited" and "honoured" as is traditional in press releases.. erm, new jobs... erm, "roles".

"Microsoft Studios EMEA is pleased to announce the appointment of John Needham to the role of Studio Head of Lionhead, effective immediately", says the blurb. Who? John Needham. Who?

Oh come on, "the former CEO of both Cryptic Studios and, most recently, Gazillion Entertainment". That's who. A big playa. Fortunately for the studio formed by, whatever else you say about him, huge creative power-force and ideas man par excellence, Peter Molyneux, Mr Needham, "brings over twelve years of leadership, business development and financial experience in the entertainment and online gaming industries to the role. John?s deep understanding of all aspects of the gaming industry, from subscription-based, massively multi-player to client-based console and free-to-play online, PC and mobile experiences, will be a huge benefit to Lionhead and European Studio operations more widely. "

Yes, he's a money man! And he's teaming up with Phil Harrison at Microsoft Games Studios given that, "John has also served as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations, and CFO at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE); as a board member of Quark Games (publisher of over fifty Top 25 apps, with in excess of 40 million installs); and is a former member of the Gamestop Digital Advisory Council (US)."

"I?m excited, and honoured, to be joining Lionhead and Microsoft Studios,? John says predictably of his appointment before hammering off into some soul destroying management waffle thus... ?Our vision is focused on building innovative gaming services and AAA experiences at Lionhead, and the rest of Microsoft Studios, which take advantage of Microsoft?s incredible hardware and software platforms. Personally, I can?t wait to get started.?

Vision... Focused... Innovative... Services... Experiences... BINGO!

Best of luck and large, non-alcoholic beverages all round.

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