Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja - Xbox 360

Also known as: Naruto

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Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja (Xbox 360)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Soft. Co.: Ubisoft
Publishers: Ubisoft (US/GB)
Released: 2007 (US)
2 Nov 2007 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Accessories: Hard Disk Drive
Connectivity: Live Online Enabled


12 years ago, a nine-tailed fox demon appeared and attacked the Leaf Village. The village's ninja rose up to defend their homes, but the demon was too powerful for them. One ninja, known as the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed himself in order to stop the demon. He trapped the fox's spirit inside the body of a baby boy - Naruto Uzumaki.

Later in life, Naruto doesn't know why people in the village give him such short shrift. In fact, it seems no-one has ever liked him. He tells himself it doesn't matter anyway because he has a plan. Soon everyone will have to respect him. He's studying to become a ninja, and he's not going to become just any old ninja. Naruto is determined to rise to be the next Hokage, the best ninja of them all.

The journey will not be easy, but Naruto knows he will succeed. All it's going to take is hard work and guts…and maybe a few bowls of ramen from Teuchi's shop. The story mode is at the heart of this game as you begin at the Ninja Academy and proceed to the Chunin exams to prove to the villagers that you're no longer the young trouble magnet they watched grow up, but a world class ninja!