Naruto Rise of a Ninja: E3's Best Trailer?

Why kids shouldn't be allowed food with unnatural colouring

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Naruto Rise of a Ninja: E3's Best Trailer?
We've always thought Naruto was OK, but we never loved him or anything. You know how it is. After seeing the trailer below, however, SPOnG thoroughly hearts the little orange jump-suited ninja guy. In fact, this may just be our favourite trailer to come out of E3.

Yes, we said that (mainly because of the music - and the graphics - and the Japanesiness).

Below we've got the hyperactive little chap running like a complete maniac around his native village of Konoha, packaged with a suitably awesome J-Rock soundtrack. To SPOnG, the footage proves once and for all that kids shouldn't be allowed food with E-numbers in.

That, or kids should absolutely not be allowed to have nine-tailed demon foxes living inside them. One or the other.

For more on Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, visit SPOnG's dedicated game page. Now enjoy!


LUPOS 12 Jul 2007 19:08
Got this on XBL last night. LOVE IT. So happy Ubi is making this game and keeping the Japanese voices. I couldn't imagine a better recipe for a licensed game if I tried.

The first 80 or so episodes of the show which this game covers are absolutely fantastic stuff.
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