Silent Hill 3 - PC

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Silent Hill 3 (PC)
Also for: PS2
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Adventure: Survival Horror
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Konami Soft. Co.: Konami
Publishers: Konami (GB)
Released: 31 Oct 2003 (GB)
Ratings: BBFC 15
Accessories: Control Pad


The third chapter in Konami's scary/spooky/eerie horror series returns us to the world of dark and misty environments, strange goings on and hideous mutations - this time focusing on a new female character who shares a link with the sinister town. Released originally for PS2 back in May 2003, Silent Hill 3 is now available for PC, featuring the same gameplay but with some nicely spruced up visuals.

The story involves Heather, a carefree young girl who becomes drawn into the frightening world of Silent Hill whilst on a shopping trip to the local mall. As she is about to leave, the shops and brightly lit walkways suddenly become transformed into a dark and brooding places where, as you will have come to expect, those familiar eerie noises echo around the empty corridors and the grotesque, misshapen creatures begin to emerge from the shadows. Now trapped, Heather is forced to fight for her life and, armed with whatever she can lay her hands on, she must fend off the grotesque apparitions, as well as try to piece together clues as to how she can escape.

As mentioned before, the PC version has been optimised for the improved capabilities of modern hardware and subsequently benefits from an aesthetic overhaul, which includes higher resolution graphics and more detailed textures. In addition, another feature of the PC version is that the saving function has been redesigned so that you can now save at any point instead of having to find a red save point, as before.

Silent Hill continues the tradition of scaring the pants of anyone who plays it. Back are the bloodstained rooms, dark corridors, striking camera angles, frightening SFX, and haunting incidental music that have consistently characterised the series. And in an all-new adventure - great stuff!