Silent Hill - PlayStation

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Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Adventure: Survival Horror
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Konami Soft. Co.: Konami
Publishers: Konami (GB/GB/US/JP)
Released: 1999 (GB/US/JP)
Ratings: 15+


Silent Hill is a psychological horror of epic proportions in which you play the leading role of Harry Mason. Along with his young daughter Cheryl, Mason is on his way to vacation in the small town of Silent Hill, but due to car trouble, they reach the outskirts of the town late at night. The young girl is sleeping in the back of the car as a motorcycle cop roars past their vehicle. Moments later, Harry sees the motorcycle discarded on the side of the road. There is no-one and nothing to be seen. Suddenly, a shadow appears in front of the car, and Harry turns the wheel in panic. The car slides off the road and into a ditch, and Harry loses consciousness.

Still shrouded in darkness, Harry finally comes around, but his daughter has disappeared from the back of the car. He sets out on foot to Silent Hill, just barely visible in the distance. The search for Cheryl is underway.

The supporting cast of characters in Silent Hill includes a spooky antique store owner, who helps Harry along with cryptic words of wisdom, a policewoman who sets out on her own to find out what has happened to the residents of Silent Hill, and the lovely Lisa Garland. She’s a nurse, and everybody knows nurses are fantastic.

While there are echoes of the Resident Evil series in this game, Silent Hill has an eerier, more ominous atmosphere than all the RE titles put together. It’s a game not for the faint of heart, and certainly can make you feel a little uneasy with the lights out. Best played alone in the early hours on a big screen, Silent Hill is something of a masterpiece.