LMA Manager 2004 - PS2

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Also for: Xbox
Viewed: Combination Combination Genre:
Strategy: Management
Sport: Football - Soccer
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Codemasters Soft. Co.: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters (GB)
Released: 12 Mar 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Features: Vibration Function Compatible, Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only
Accessories: Memory Card


The board has chosen you to carry its club's fortunes forward into the new season, and without wanting to scare anyone away from LMA Manager 2004, they demand results and they're banking on you to deliver. The LMA Manager series just put you back on the rollercoaster of professional soccer management. You choose the players, pick your team, hire, inspire and fire when necessary. You'll get the glory when things are going well; by the same token, you'll get the boot when it all goes Pete Tong.

LMA Manager 2004 gives you more freedom and more control in the crucial areas of team tactics, training and scouting for hot new football talent throughout Europe. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, in LMA Manager 2004, you will need every ounce of your managerial nous and determination if you're going to make it to the top.

The game's structure will be familiar to series veterans - the choice of starting your career in the lower leagues and building your reputation is here as usual, or you can jump straight into the deep end and manage one of the biggest clubs in the world, whilst trying to attract the biggest names and stars of the future for your squad. Teams from the English, Scottish, French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues are available to manage, and players from the top leagues across Europe as well as Argentina, Brazil and Chile are yours to scout and negotiate with.

New to this 2004 version is the Fantasy Team option in which you can build your dream team from scratch. Creating the club insignia, choosing your players and stadium - even picking the name of your new club - it's all down to you.

Matches unfold in full 3D as you watch your charges go about their business of winning their matches. If you've picked the right team and given them the best tactics and instructions, then they'll put in their best performance and you'll stand a good chance of keeping your job. Issuing orders from the dugout while the match is in progress is a feature retained from the 2003 edition and can make all the difference if your timing is right.

The LMA Manager series has been top of its pile for some time. The competition in the 'console-only' footy management sim is slim, but nothing beats this 2004 version anyway!


LMA Manager 2004 - PS2 Artwork

LMA Manager 2004 - PS2 Artwork