Hedgehog Topples Fisher - It's the Charts!

Sonic Heroes pips Pandora Tomorrow for top spot.

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Sonic Heroes
Sonic Heroes
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The resurgence of Sonic Heroes on PS2 has given the game that little bit of a boost to push it up to the number one spot in the All Formats chart as supplied by ChartTrack. The little blue fellow and his buddies have ousted Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, which slips to number four, in spite of the Pandora Tomorrow /Xbox Live Starter kit bundle that's been available since the end of March. Does this suggest a saturated Xbox 'sneak 'em up' market?

Acclaim's World Championship Rugby moves up from five to two, and The Sims makes a return to the top 10 (at number eight) powered by the PS2 Platinum re-release. VU Games' The Cat in the Hat leaps in a feline manner from last week's 36 position to number 10, surely powered by a great deal of Easter movie-going. Elsewhere in the top 10, the world's greatest game remains a strong theme, with FIFA 2004 (6), LMA Manager 2004 (7) and This Is Football 2004 (9) staying in touch at the top of the table.

This week's two new entries feature two sides of the same beat 'em up coin. Dropping the laughable 'Heroes' moniker that plagued the brand in initial outings in the early 1990's, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return at number 24, courtesy of Konami. Expect further Turtle-based chart progression next week with the release of the GameCube and Xbox versions. Elsewhere, like a wallflower at a barely noticed 38, the Jet Li-powered Rise to Honour looks red-cheeked and fidgety.

There are few big movers elsewhere this week: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 moves up from 28 to 15, and last week's re-entry, Eye Toy: Groove, moves on from 32 to 26.

We'll have more on the battle at the top of the charts between Dr Norton and Dr Robotnik this time next week. Will the threat of Manhunt, the gutsiness of TOCA Race Driver 2, or the, erm, super furry Muppets Party Cruise threaten next week? You can find out here...


Joji 20 Apr 2004 13:14
Go Sonic....or rather super sonic. I'm sure it will please Sega for a while.
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