Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - GameCube

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Also for: PC, PS2, Power Mac, Xbox, PlayStation
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Eurocom Soft. Co.: Warner Brothers
Publishers: Electronic Arts (GB/US)
Released: 8 Nov 2002 (US)
15 Nov 2002 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card


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It was inevitable. Never has there been a safer bet than the release of Harry Potter's latest adventure in video game form. But seven versions? That's right. Every possible format with the slightest amount of life left in it can now play host to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. JK Rowling's bank manager will surely be toasting the bespectacled brat this Christmas, as will Electronic Arts.

You won't be shocked to discover that the game follows pretty much the plot of the book/film/T-shirt/breakfast cereal, as our young trainee wizard returns to Hogwarts for a second year of spells and spelling tests. Ignoring Dobby the house-elf's grave warning that disaster will strike if he returns to the school, Harry soon finds himself entangled in a dark plot against his 'Mudblood' classmates, as students keep turning up petrified. Could Draco Malfoy be to blame, or is something even more malevolent at work?

Enter the world of Harry Potter, a free-roaming 3D environment in which you get to explore all the familiar haunts, attend new classes, and learn second-year spells, as you embark on the quest to uncover the true identity of the 'Heir of Slytherin'. Along the way, you get the opportunity to chat with characters like Moaning Myrtle, shop in Diagon Alley, and explore the convoluted corridors of Hogwarts.

As you would expect, casting spells plays a considerable part in the game - but these spells must be perfectly executed, or they could be miscast with humorous or even critical consequences.

While not offering anything entirely original to the world of gaming, this latest episode will not be a disappointment to Harry Potter fans. Anyone expecting the Legend of Zelda or similar might be advised to look elsewhere.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - GameCube Artwork