Tork - Xbox

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Tork (Xbox)
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Tiwak Soft. Co.: Microsoft
Publishers: Microsoft (US)
Released: Aug 2003 (US)


A furious, fast-paced action/platform game, Tork introduces a fearless caveboy hero who uses his magical powers to transform into a bulldozing Yeti, an armor-plated armadillo, or a swift flying squirrel on his mission through time.

Evil Warriors have upset the balance of order in Tork's village and taken his father. With his favorite weapon at his side, a bolas that packs a punch, Tork travels from the Stone Age to the Medieval Age, the Age of Fantastical Machines and up to the Space Age in hopes that he can complete his journey before the course of history is changed forever.


  • A Bolas-Wielding Caveboy - He fearlessly taunts the biggest, scariest dinosaurs; he uses agility and speed to dodge hails of spears and arrows; and he survives earthquakes, avalanches and spewing lava around every corner with sheer toughness and resolve. Confident and strong, swift on his feet and steadfast in determination, Tork is a courageous caveboy who sets off on the adventure of a lifetime to track down his father. His favorite weapon, a bolas that is always at his side, is swung through the air for a melee attack.

  • Unleash Inner Animal Spirits - To survive battles and hazards on the long journey, sometimes it pays to look within. When the going gets tough, use Tork's magical powers to unleash inner animal spirits and transform into any one of three super powerful creatures including:
  • The abominable, bull-dozing Yeti who bashes walls to create rock slides and power-slams enemies;
  • The armor-plated Armadillo outfitted with impenetrable shielding and who can tuck for a cannonball attack;
  • Or the swift Flying Squirrel who glides through the skies and plummets for surprise torpedo attacks

  • Travel Through Time - Quickly adapt to new surroundings as Tork travels from his home in the Stone Age to a fortified castle and jousting knights in the Medieval Age. Continue on through the Fantastical Age of Machines where enemies use huge lumbering land machines to battle on earth and fantastic submarines to protect underwater fortresses. Finally, visit the surface of a blazing comet for out-of-this-world gameplay.

  • Awe-inspiring Worlds - Don't just stand around and admire the gorgeous environments - these are dangerous places! Encounter earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, giant lumbering dinosaurs, erupting geysers, exploding catapults and more while traveling through the various worlds.


Tork - Xbox Artwork