LMA Manager 2001 - PlayStation

Viewed: Combination Combination
Genre: Sport: Football - Soccer / Strategy: Management

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Codemasters' New Anti-Piracy Technology Causes Confusion News

Codemasters 1 - Evil Pirates 0

09 Apr 2001

Codemasters offers ingenious solution to piracy News

A fitting punishment to a evil crime.

28 Mar 2001

LMA Manager 2001 Press Release

Codemasters acclaimed football management game has been in training and is preparing to become the 00/01 season's star player.

31 Jan 2001

Codemasters Set To Score with Football Fun As First WAP Project is Confirmed. Press Release

LMA Football Quiz due as WAP game - LMA Manager 2001, PlayStation, due March 9th

29 Jan 2001

LMA Manager 2001: The Playstation’s Best-Selling Football Management Game Comes Home. Press Release

LMA Manager 2001 kicks off in November and promises to be “the best football management game ever devised”.

28 Sep 2000

PlayStation 2 to get Music and LMA Manager 2001, Codemasters’ genre-dominant gaming brands. Press Release

Codemasters’ PlayStation 2 line up will be led with Music and LMA Manager, two of the company’s best selling PlayStation-exclusive video game brands.

28 Sep 2000

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