Codemasters' New Anti-Piracy Technology Causes Confusion

Codemasters 1 - Evil Pirates 0

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Codemasters' New Anti-Piracy Technology Causes Confusion
Codemasters has been taking calls from frustrated gamers, who believe that their version of LMA Manager 2001 is bugged.

The problem is this. The anti-piracy software, which is activated when the game is copied, makes the game more and more difficult to play. It is effectively impossible to succeed in any way, meaning that owners of copies are just wasting their time.

“Codemasters' anti-piracy initiative whereby pirate copies of LMA Manager 2001 on PlayStation fail to play the game correctly is proving successful,” the company commented today. “However, following numerous calls to customer services questioning if the game itself is bugged, Codemasters is keen to reiterate that it is only through attempting to play a pirate copy of the game that key features of gameplay are gradually degraded. Indeed, undercover operations are tracking illegally copied discs of LMA Manager 2001 that are in circulation. A recent operation witnessed over 30 people who had been sold pirate copies returning to the dealer all complaining that they had bought the game but it's performance degraded over time. Codemasters would like to absolutely confirm that full production copies of LMA Manager 2001 as they appear at all reputable retailers in no way suffer from the problems that are deliberately triggered by a illegally copied version.”

You gamers are a right lot aren’t you!? If you can’t win at a game it must be impossible? Shame on you”

"We really don't want any confusion and it's simple,” said Simon Prytherch, producer of LMA Manager 2001. “Real copies of LMA Manager 2001 work perfectly and it's only with the pirate copies that gameplay is gradually degraded"


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