LMA Manager 2001

Codemasters acclaimed football management game has been in training and is preparing to become the 00/01 season's star player.

Posted by Staff
As the sequel to last year's number one best selling console football management game, LMA Manager 2001 kicks off on March 9th and it's already been hailed as 'The greatest football management game ever by Official PlayStation magazine.

It's rare that an original title can come from nowhere and steal the genre-defining crown. But that's exactly what Codemasters' LMA Manager did last year when it launched as the only football management game exclusively designed for PlayStation. It set new standards in management game control and visual excitement and shook up the formulaic football management game market. which on PlayStation had nothing but a handful of average PC game conversions.

Now as other game designers play catch up to the record-breaking 300,000+ selling cup holder, Codemasters' LMA team - led once again by producer Simon Prytherch - has innovated and is busy finishing LMA Manager 2001.

As last year. LMA Manager 2001 will score by accurately detailing all the 00/01 season's player data and statistics. However, the game itself is much more than just an annual update of information.

Taking wannabe-Keegans beyond the English-only clubs of the original game, LMA Manager 2001 allows you to manage a club in either the Scottish or the English professional leagues and the competitions include the leagues. domestic cups and both European cups.

With hundreds of clubs across 32 countries, over 300 stadiums across Europe and 8000+ authentic players, complete with home, away and goalkeeper strips, LMA Manager 2001's team tactics, training and match Al have been completely re-designed providing the most realistic and controllable football management simulation to date.

With a new clean contemporary look for the statistic screens, the new visual style extends to the action screens presented in the style of an interactive TV channel, making the game instantly accessible and enthralling. Screen navigation is as easy as ever: LMA Manager 2001 retains the popular shoulder button navigation system, ensuring no management screen is more than two button-presses away.

The acclaimed realistic 3D-match action has been enhanced to provide an even more dynamic recreation of a match in progress. As in the original players have the opportunity to make substitutions at any time, but LMA Manager 2001 delivers more control and options without seeming any more complicated.

Management aficionados can utilise a new feature that enables them to interact in realtime with the match in play using 'Dugout Tactics' and make instant temporary changes to your team tactics - just like a manager shouting new instructions from the sidelines or dugout.

A favourite feature of the original was the Challenges and they're back in LMA Manager 2001. For example, one of the new challenges, called Fantasy Team, pitches the player at the beginning of the season with a fixed sum of money to purchase a squad from any of the European players in the game. During the season the transfer market is not available yet you have just one season to win the Premiership.

LMA Manager 2001 is packed with detail and options and the development team is confident they're creating a game way beyond even the biggest management fan's expectations, as producer Simon Prytherch explains:

"LMA Manager 2001 has been designed to give PlayStation gainers an accessible and easy-to-use game yet offer a level of detail not even seen on a PC. No other management game is this much fun to play, has so much depth and allows you to view the result of all your hard work in a realistic and exciting match."

LMA Manager 2001 is scheduled to launch exclusively on PlayStation on March 9th.