Wipeout Fusion - PS2

Also known as: ''
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Racing / Space

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wipEout Fusion Packaging Surfaces! News

You saw it here first!

17 Dec 2001

Sony release Wipeout Fusion track list News

Future racing music revealed as fans await game

01 Nov 2001

PS2 Future Looking Good News

Sony’s on the rampage.

07 Oct 2001

Wipeout Fusion Press Release

Sony announces the forthcoming release of the game that promises to deliver the fastest and most spectacular racing action on PS2, Wipeout Fusion.

22 May 2001

New Wipeout and WRC 2001 playable soon News

Sony to dominate E3 with massive playable games

24 Apr 2001

WipEout Fusion delays denied News

September it is, and September it always has been.

13 Feb 2001

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